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AnOuCh hiGh sOuL by Hermosdef

AnOuCh hiGh sOuL by Hermosdef

As a child, Anouch was modeling for her father, a painter, and she used singing as a refuge during her free time.

Ever since then, this franco-armenian woman, has turned music into a real quest for her sensual identity.

Gifted with a big voice, which she worked on by listening to Janis Joplin and Rachelle Ferrell, she continuously keeps on looking for and finding a sense of togetherness in it. Anouch feeds herself off different cultural influences, human encounters and is progressively finding her own voice.

“High Soul”, Her first album, is the kind of CD that doesn’t fail to move you.

Anouch took a bold step, thinking through and weighing her words and each note thoroughly and perfectly unifying spirituality and sensuality.

In it you can find the rich rhythmic of Cuba, the modal complexity of traditional Armenian music, the free flow and improvisation of Jazz and the core of Soul Music.

Anouch plays with words and takes us on a Journey into her life. Her songs are a poetic reminiscence of love, exile, the Armenian people, and Hope.

Renown Pianist Omar Sosa, her godfather, calls her « a rose in a sunflower field ». A rose that keeps on blossoming…

This is definitely a Must-have !

AnOuCh hIGh sOuL : featuring Omar Sosa, Aleksan Harutyunyan, Les Nubians.


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