:: AnOuCh hIGh sOuL :: CD :: :: available on itunes and cdbaby ::

CD available on itunes & cdbaby

The Sensuality of SOUL, the Rhythms of JAZZ, and the spirit of ARMENIA... this is the essence of "High Soul"

At the worlds crossroads , between est and west , from poetry to singing, through rhythms and modes , Anouch is an alchemist, her voice carries a voyage that which only her has the secret .
Soul, Jazz, Armenian traditional music, Cuban and African spices  she provoques the encounter and was born from it.

Her path met les Nubians, Vinx, and  Omar Sosa present on her album, who says about her “you are a rose in a sunflowers fields”.

A rose that keeps on blossoming…

that is definitely a must have !


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